Gue dan 250 film terbaik yang pernah gua tonton

3 minggu lebih bikin list ini. Probably the hardest entry yang pernah gua coba tulis disini(yang paling niat sih). Gua mesti nonton ulang dan baca2in lagi semua blog yang pernah gua tulis atopun napak tilas isi otak dan hati gua buat bikin this stupid list. Dan people, finally, the day have arrived disaat blog tolol ini ngeluarin its own 250 movie terbaik versi gua!

Prepare yourself, ini postingan bakal panjang banget. Karena gua gak bakal bagi2. straight 250 film. Jeleknya ya jadi gak banyak komentar setiap2 film2nya. Bisa jadi buku sendiri coi. Sebelom gua mulai post, pasti pada banyak yang mau tau, apa sih kriterianya film2 ini bisa masuk ke dalam list ini dan apa yang nentuin peringkatnya. Apakah ini artinya 250 film terbaik yang pernah ada versi gua? Apakah ini artinya 250 film favorit gua sepanjang masa? I dont know. Gua sendiri gak tau kriterianya apa, subjektif banget deh pokonya. But definitely bukan 250 film favorit gua sih. Contohnya, The hunt. Itu bukan film favorit gua. That fuckin movie is so hard to watch, and i dont want to watch it again dalam waktu deket. But that movie ada di peringkat 2. huh? Yep, this is a bullshit list. But for me, this is the top 250 movie for the sake of the list! Ya ya ya, enough with the stupid chit chat. Enjoy the fuckin list everyone.. if you dont like it, make your own damn list as usual, and tell me about it. Wait, don’t tell me about it, i don’t care. I will never care, probably…

PS : ada yang mau nanya, why film ini masuk, kenapa film itu ga masuk, what kind of movie di pringkat bla bla, warna kolornya gua apa, or whatever the fuck it is, di comment aja(ya iyalah, dimana lagi)..

1 – 16

Y tu mama Tambien, The Hunt, Before Sunset, A Scene at the Sea

Alien, Infernal Affairs, High Fidelity, Kwaidan

Collateral, Threads, Heat, In the Mood for Love

Blue is the Warmest Colours, Unmimachi Diary, Scenes from a Marriage, The 400 Blows


Biutiful, Before Sunrise, Scarface, The Pianist

Wild Things, Porco Rosso, Die Hard, La Jaula de Oro

Harakiri, A Separation, Before Midnight, Aliens

Cast Away, Black River, Blade Runner, 2001 : A Space Oddysey

33 – 48

A Man and A Woman, Amorres Perros, Groundhog Days, After the Wedding

Let the Right One in, The Descendants, Lost in Translation, Goodfellas,

Casablanca, Coquille, First Blood, Bullet in the Head

The Game, About Schmidt, Blade Runner 2046, Still Walking

49 – 64


4 Months 3 Weeks 2 days, John Wick, The Godfather, Malena

Ran, Rushmore, Samurai Rebellion, Sin Nombre

Sonatine, The Dark Knight, The Insider, The Motorcycle diaries

Open heart, The Thing, The Road, Rocky


Creed, What we do in the shadows, The Last of the Mohicans, The Witch

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Kid with A Bike, Leon, Reservoir Dogs

Spoorloos, Kureneko, Shame, Sicario

Once Upon a time in America, The Human Condition Trilogy, City of life and Death, Shawshank Redemption

81 – 96

Hitokiri! Tenchu!, The Skin I Live In, When the Last Sword is Drawn, Aguirre The Wrath of God

Schindler’s List, Like water for Chocolate, New World, Tanpopo

Spirited Away, Apocalypse Now, Yojimbo, Drive

13 Assassins, As Good As it Gets, Cidade de Deus, Alamar

97 – 112

Whiplash, Braindead, A Simple Life, Pulp Fiction

The Graduate,  A Story of Yonosuke, Million Dollar Baby, Ex Machina

The Twilight Samurai, The Hidden Blade, Love and Honor, Veteran

All is Lost, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, In A Better World, The 6th Sense

113 – 128

Samurai I : Musashi Miyamoto, Battle Royale, Seven Samurai, Blood Diamond

Snowpiercer, Outrage, Grosse Pointe Blank, The Wolves

No Country for old Men, Once Upon a time in the west, As tears go by, Almost Famous

American History X, Comrades, Gone with the wind, Letters from Iwo Jima

129 – 144

Pusher, Ju Dou, Come and See, The Host

Hell of High Water, Valhalla Rising, O Brother Where Art Thou, Casualties of War

Fellowship of the Ring, Return of the King, The Descent, Funny Games

Only Yesterday, Temple of Doom, Seven, Black Hawk Down

145 – 160

A Royal Affair, The Winter Soldier, Saving Private Ryan, Pan’s Labyrinth

Master and Commander  : The Far side of the World, There will be blood, Apocalypto, 28 Days Later

From Dusk till Dawn, Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, Outrage Beyond, Bronson

Source Code, Las Acacias, Borat!, The Secret in their Eyes

161 – 176

Deep End, Jaws, Cinema Paradiso, The Way Back

Scent of A Woman, Der Untergang, Mother, View from a Blue Moon

Sha Po Lang, 12 Angry Men, Pusher II, Fury Road

Dust in the Wind, Hard Boiled, Elite Squad, Fish Tank

177 – 192

The Perks of Being A Wallflower, Die Hard with A Vengeance, PK, The Quiet Earth

Empire of Passion, Broken Embraces, Requiem for a Dreams, Conffesions

Dances with Wolves, The Talented My Ripley, The Live of Others, Eastern Promises

Submarine, Das boot, The Godfather Part II, Gran Torino

193 – 208

Days of being Wild, NorthWand, Kingdom of Heaven DC, End of Watch

Taxi Driver, House of Sand and Fog, Failan, The Yellow Sea

The 25th Hour, Undertow, Fist of Legend, I Saw the Devil

Grave of the Fireflies, Its all gone pete tong, Predator, Manhunter

209 – 224

Bad Boy Bubby, Flame and Citron, Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence, In the Realm of the Sense

Murmur of the Heart, Kapringen, Jackie Brown, John Wick Chapter II

Logan, The Fly, Adrift in Tokyo, The Past

Open water, Lust Och Fagring stor, Three Outlaw Samurai, Miami Vice

227 – 240

Raise the Red lantern, Miss Bala, The Raid, Maria full of Grace

No tears for the dead, Pacific Rim, Pale Moon, Belle De Jour

Say anything,  Tennen Kokkeko, Tamamoe, The Old Bear Hunter

South Park, The man from Nowhere, Yume, A Tale of Two Sisters

241 – 250

The Land of Hope, This is Spinal tap, The Cabin in the Woods, The Mist

The Thin Red Line, After the Storm, Casino, Visitor Q

Tokaido Yotsuya Kaidan, Rudo Y Cursi









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  1. are you had a nausea after watching visitor q?just wondering.nice list to be got some taste there sir.

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