Gue dan Nintendo Switch

More than an asshole, more than an avid moviegoers, more than a fuckin’ writer, more than a fuckin professional pretentious kritikus, gua selalu identify myself with a gamer, always and a foremost. A MOTHERFUCKIN GAMER. Tapi, gua gak bisa ngelawan waktu coi. I’m getting old. Periode disaat gua bisa maen game seharian udah hilang. 12 hours? I probably gonna kill myself by doing that. 6 hours? I want to do that, but i don’t think my eyes can handle that(and the truth). Yep, 3 hours is the max. 3 jam itu waktu paling lama buat gua nonstop playing games. Gua butuh istirahat after that. YEP, gua udah jadi that lame old ass yang gua pikir gua gak akan pernah menjelma jadi. What the hell is going to happen to this world now??? I thought i will go down with a controller at my hand!

Okay, enough with that hyperbolic shit. Gua gamer, hardcore gamer. Tapi gua udah gak bisa nongkrong di depan pc ato tv lama2 buat maen game lagi. But i still want to play videogames all the times…And then Nintendo Switch came along. And it really change my gaming life, and yang paling penting teramat penting, switch make me excited again, NINTENDO FUCKIN SWITCH bikin gua ngerasa excited lagi with videogaming. Why? One word, portability…

Kita udah sampe di era dimana teknologi udah cukup mantep buat akhirnya ada semacem konsol kaya switch. FULL PLEDGE NINTENDO CONSOLE WITH ENOUGH POWER TO MAKE SERIOUS MASTERPIECE like Breath of the wild but you can play it everywhere. So, gak ada lagi deh halfasses like vita, psp, 3ds, or nds(walopun semua handheld yang gua sebut itu penuh ama game2 bagus sih). 3 bulan gua punya switch, gua beli game jauh lebih banyak buat switch daripada PC(dengan hasil akhir cc ditarik ama wife). Switch is serious shit. Graphics? Ya emang, gak selevel ama ps4/xbone, selevel ama ps3/wiiu/x360. But that’s enough buat gua. I have a pretty powerful pc at home buat ngerasain game2 dengan gambar bagus dan cukup buat ngeberakin semua game2 ps4/xbone in terms of  graphics(although that Horizon Zero is awesome juga sih). But portability is the most important part of the switch. Karena gua sekarang bisa maen kapan aja dimana aja. And I think that’s the main point of the switch. People seumuran gua(or at least 25 taon ke atas) dengan waktu yang gak banyak lagi buat maen game, jadi bisa recaptured lagi the magic in videogames. Anytime, anywhere. That’s our dream guys!! And when dark souls is released this april, bakalan banyak lagi switch yang kejual karena switch rusak dimana2.

So, what’s the point of this post? Braggin thread that i’m an awesome guy? Bitchin’ thread tentang ps4 and console peasant? Ranting shit about gimana the governer of my city makin lama makin goblok? No, I just want to spread the word to all my people(LOL) who follow this blog, to buy Nintendo Switch and play the fuck out of it everywhere. Enough with that stupid mobile phone games. Be a man, and play the real videogames. And please, whatever you do, go buy yourself Breath of the Wild. It is the greatest videogame of all time, menurut gua. Yep, the shit is that good..

2 thoughts on “Gue dan Nintendo Switch

  1. Syit, jadi makin dilema antara switch ato ps4 (PC is out of question). Pengen main dark souls iii ama bloodborne juga soalnya


    1. Breath of the wild itu system seller bener.. I’ve played the heck out of open world games, from witcher sampe GTA. Breath of the wild yang pertama yang bikin gue mempertanyakan konsep mereka sekarang…

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