Gue dan John Wick : Chapter II

Percaya gak kalo gw bilang, pas gw merit, Jas gue itu based by John Wick Suites? Yep, that’s the testament tentang betapa cintanya gua ama John Wick. It is one of the greatest action film of all time. Still is. Dan akhirnya, hari pertama in 2017 yang gw tunggu2 tiba. 10th February. CHAPTER II is here!

And how is it? AWESOME. Masih lebih bagus yang pertama sih, but this is the fuckin blueprint on how you make a god damn sequel to an absolute badass movie. I just love it disaat gua nonton film dan gak bisa ngeluarin tu film dari otak gua for at least couple of days. So, here’s the pros and cons.

+ Keanu Reeves. Emang sih setiap kali dia buka mulut, dialog2nya kadang2 rasanya ngaco dan gak believeable, but dang, Keanu is still one hell of an awesome crazy insane calculated cold hearted assassin. His move, his mannerism, and everything about him just screaming out the words, COOL. Shit, pendapat gw masih sama kaya 3 taon lalu, Keanu is born to be John Wick.

+Action Scene. FUCKING PURE BALLS TO WALLS.  Ada 4 extra long action scene, each kira2 20 menit. That’s 80 minutes pure rage insanity. Start from the beginning, dimana film maker nyoba chanelling the first movie dry humor di dalem action scenes and wick going on rampages just trying to find a birthday card from his wife. The second one, with the club and the insanity behind it. Gila, itu club scene, emang gak se stylish the club scene in the first one, but fuck. It is clear, present and dangerous. You can see head popping everywhere, dimana Wick doing some crazy 80% accuracy killing spree, destoring everyone yang ngehalangin dia. And then the third action scene, where wick fighting a sumo yakuza assassins, random musician assassins, ngebuktiin kalo dia bisa ngebunuh tiga orang using a fuckin pencil( Best pencil use in a movie since the Dark Knight IMO), and final showdown with a rapper. And finally, the final ACTION scenes, which shot very very beautiful dengan homage enter the dragon. FUCK. This is like where The Raid 1 lompat ke the raid 2. MORE VIOLENCE is MORE FUN.

+  THE stylized visuals is good. Lebih realistic dan  RAW dari yang pertama, yang lebih mirip ama graphic novel come to life on the screen.  It is ULTRA VIOLENT, but masih di presentasiin ama shot2 yang keren dan stabil, jadi masih tetep gampang dicerna.

+ Salah satu yang bikin JW2 keren ye, itu ni film punya TONE dan FLOW yang organic banget dari bikin elu naek turun dari heart stopping suspense sampe bikin elu ngakak abis(that scene where Wick and Common trying to shoot each other without getting other people attention is hilarious)

+ Ian McShane. Im a fan of him now. Jadi pengen norrent Deadwood.

+ The Reloading. SHIT. Everytime wick reload pistol dia, kayanya realistic banget. Its like, your bullet bisa abis juga. But I dont like the shotgun thingy. Shotgun in close range mestinya bikin badan manusia jadi kaya sponge gitu, but in this movie it feels the shotgun kaya jadi semacem close range rifle doang. Kurang ancur lebur.

+ Satu hal yang lumayan bikin otak gue pusing ye, gimana caranya shooting di house of mirror gitu ya, I can’t see any cameras in the shots.

+ The Lore. Emang sih, lebih kerasa bloated and almost crossing the silly lines, dibanding yang pertama, but I dig it. It just opening up to bunch of prequel, spin off, and of course, the obvious sequel.

+Story? What Story? Gue support story yang simple no bullshit kalo that story giving me Keanu butchering the heck out of people who wants to try to fuck him up. Just dont go in for plot in this kind of movie.

+ Entah kenapa abis nonton ni film bikin gue pengen banget maen Max Payne 3, or Resident Evil 6 Mercenary No Mercy Mode.

+  This movie is really a tour de force buat gue. MAJOR TOUR DE FORCE. It is intense, cool, brutal, violent, breathtaking, beautiful, and AWESOME. Someday, when my kids is here, this movie probably will become his third action movie yang bakal dia tonton, after Die Hard and Wick part I. Yes, level kekerenan ni film setinggi itu.

+ John wick vs the world, when??


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