Gue dan Interstellar


Waktu emang cepet banget berlalu. Gak terasa udah dateng lagi saatnya film Christopher Nolan mampir. Saat2 dimana para fanboy mempertahankan abis2an gak perduli separah apapun bolongnya film Nolan. Saat2 dimana para pathetic fanboy kemakan hype dan langsung menyatakan that movie as the greatest of all time. Saat2 dimana para douche stupid fanboy berusaha segila mungkin menjaga agar rating that movie terus2an minimal nyentuh angka 9 di IMDB.

Get a life..

From the first time pertama kali gw denger that Nolan is going Interstellar, jujur gw juga kena Hypenya. Without a shadow of a doubt, Nolan is one of the best directors out there yang tau gimana caranya bikin cinematography yang grandiosa dan massive, if not the best. This time, he’s going into space, where everything is big, mysterious, and uncharted. And he’s taking his favorite IMAX camera with him. And then he’s saying that he’s going to channeling lots of Spielberg family magic nonsense cinema in this movie.

Disaat itulah juga gw turunin ekspetasi gw..

+ Plus pertamanya film ini tentu aja ada di cinematographynya. WOW. Simply WOW. This is meant to watch in IMAX. Walo gak segila yang gw kira, but still in this area, Interstellar is a league of its own. It was a visual treat that applied all the wonderful effects developed over the years. And it did that very well. But that’s not enough anymore; Setidaknya buat gue…

+ Android/Robot Design. Keliatan stupid pada awalnya. And with all the edges, gile bahaya banget bawa tu robot kemana2. Kebentur bisa bocor tu pala. But it is a very unorthodox and unique design. I Like it. Personalitynya juga kocak. Kenapa ya almost every robot, android, or some kind of AI yang muncul di film2 scifi itu selalu mencuri perhatian lewat personality mereka? Bishop, Hal, Roy, David, or even that goddamn WallE?

+ The Time Paradox and the SCIENCE part of SCIFI. I’ve watched and love cosmos. Gile, bold banget itu scenario pas maen2 di planet deket gargantua and then time goes on so fast. Oh, and I love how they still using laptop in space station. Ni film trying so fuckin hard to be 2001 A Space Oddysey for the millenial generation. In a way, Nolan Succeed sih..

+ Good Score. That Organ is very 2001-y.. Suits the mood really well..

– And here comes one of the biggest flaw. The Character. I’m sorry, buat gw karakter McConaughey udah crossing territory lebay di film ini. I mean, If he could send a message to say STAY, why would he then have sent the co ordinates to NASA headquarters, why send anything at all you dumbfuck??? He’s like basically playing the same character as in all his latest movie. Chastain karakter ama kakaknya Tommy itu paling unreasonable and goblok. Kakaknya jadi  lunatic that lacks any basic reasoning. Terus si Chastain needing to find some clue for the equation in her room, burns her brother’s fields. Walo dia coba buat ngeluarin itufamily out from the fucking house and get to the room without violence, she fucking burns the fields without attempting to reconcile. Hey idiot, makanan lagi susah kali disono!! And dont get me started about Hathaway stupid stupid cheesy corny idiotic monologue. You’re a fuckin scientist you stupid bitch. Good Acting itu gak akan pernah bisa menolong awful character. Dan gw gak pernah bilang acting mereka jelek lho…

– FUCK LOVE. Asli merinding jijik gw denger monolognya si catwoman. Tololnya itu gak tahan. Love transced space and time pantat lah….

– If all that little fifth dimension shit yang nolongin manusia itu bener2 niat nolongin, ngapain create that wormhole di Saturnus coba. Kenapa gak bisa kasih di deket earth? for a fifth dimension creatures kayanya pada lack of basic IQ…

– Nolan is still don’t know how to write women character well..

– I Hate the script, I hate it. The fuckin Deus Ex Machina script wasn’t Nolan Style. Hell, even that awful TDKR gak separah ini kebetulan dan kebetulannya.. Its like the plot is just going along through one hole of nonsensical coincidence. Terlalu obvious banget.. apalagi with that stupid ghost scene..

– That Fight in the Icy Planet. Maksa banget so fuckin hollywood.. Masa damon ama cooper jalan jauh lama bener, berantem, si cooper helmnya rusak dan dia minta bantuan si catwomen. Cat women pergi nyamperin obviously naek spaceship, eh gak sampe berapa menit si catwomen sampe ke si cooper, si damon uda sampe ke tempat si item. Si nolan kira gue goblok kali bisa ditipu. For a movie yang ngomongin soal time paradox, this script is bullshit…Belom lagi di ending dimana diselipin eksposisi romance… Oh god…

– Intinya this movie itu kaya soto yang isinya gabungan antara physics and personalities clichés, dipanjangin selama ampir 3 jam yang penuh ama beautiful beautiful beautiful cinematograph braided with a childish plot and stupid characters..

– Inter less stellar indeed. Solid 7/10.. Disappointing..

– I’m not done. I’m going to rewatch this movie again, and adding lots of stupid idiotic part that I’ve probably forget…

One thought on “Gue dan Interstellar

  1. gw baca bbrapa review film lo ..
    anji** bgtt dah .. TOP buat lo !! salutt
    -I’m not done. I’m going to rewatch this movie again, and adding lots of stupid idiotic part that I’ve probably forget…- sumpah ngakakk bgt gw bagian akhirnya begitu.. kayany gw bkalan rajin baca” review movie lo 🙂 salam dari jambi ..

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