Gue dan Resident Evil 6


Lets clear something first, for all the fuckers who claimed themselves a hardcore Resident Evil games yang bilang RE6 sucks, you can go fuck yourself! Resident Evil 6 is good!

Everybody is entitled to have their own opinion? Well, yeah, they can take their opinion and shove it down their asses! Okay, RE6 campaign probably is the cheesiest and convoluted of them all, but come on, this is Resident evil that we talked about. This is not Akira Kurosawa’s movie or even any Rockstar games yang terkenal dengan plotnya. But, seriously, The Campaign is the only thing that sucks in this game. Everything else is a natural progression/evolution for this franchise.

First of all, the gameplay itself. Seriously, kalo elu bukan fans game2 TPS yang extreme macem godhand, vanquish, pantes aja elu gak demen ama with RE6. Ini seri paling advanced in terms of gameplay, dan sayangnya emang capcom gak ngasih tutorial yang bagus di game ini, but come on, bukannya tutorial itu kadang2 malah bikin boring banget di game2 generasi sekarang yang seakan2 ngebodohin gamer dengan nambahin 2-3 jam sia2 cuma buat tutorial sampah?(I’m looking at you, Nintendo!). You can slide, dodging, countering(with a very advance and tricky typical capcom style), kicking, taking enemy’s weapon or even suplexing your enemy in this game! Kalo elu uda advanced di game ini, elu bisa lari menyerbu 10-12 zombies, sliding below them, and then slipping a remote bomb, and then donate it while you’re still running! Dan semuanya tuh kerasa natural and badass. After playing RE6, going back to Revelations, 5, or any other tank controls RE, rasanya kaya primitif banget.

Kedua, the enemy design. Damn, it is the best out of all Resident Evil.

Ketiga, the mercenaries mode. This is the meat of Resident Evil 6. If you’re a PC players, there’s a mode called Mercenaries Nightmare mode with more zombies and guest playable from L4D2 character. Gw spend cuma 20 hours di campaign, and ngabisin kira2 100 hours in Mercenaries mode. Addictive, tegang banget, dan badass. I can’t really explain it with words..

Kebanyakan orang yang komplain soal RE itu cuma maen di campaign doang, and probably worse, cuma maen seglimpse dari campaign doang dan langsung ngejudge this game. But come on, you can’t judge a girl just from the tip of her nipple right? Apalagi videogame, you need to invest your time in it! Coba deh playing the game, at least until the mercenaries modenya open up. You will not regret purchasing this game…

The number one cult game of this generation…fucking underrated…

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