Gue dan Kritikuspurapura’s Top 18 Take That Songs

Gw grow up in the 90’s. And like a lot of other guys who grows up in an era where Jurassic Park considered as a very accurate scientific film, gw banyak dengerin lagu2 boyband pop bubblegum yang emang hits banget at that time. Backstreet Boys, Boyzone, Nsync, Bed and Breakfast, 911, Westlife, you name it. But there’s only one boyband out there yang pantes berevolusi menjadi ManBand. And that boyband is TAKE THAT.

And here’s top 18 songs from a former boyband yang gak pernah bikin gw malu ngakuin kalo gw suka ama boyband…

18. Love Love, from Progressed, 2010.

17. Love Ain’t Here Anymore, from Everything Changes, 1993.

16. The Garden, from The Circus, 2008.

15. Never Forget, from Nobody Else, 1995.

14. Eight Letters, from Progressed, 2010.

13. Ain’t No Sense in Love, from Beautiful World, 2006.

12. Julie, from The Circus, 2008.

11. Shine, from Beautiful World, 2006.

10. When We Were Young, from Progressed, 2010.

9. Up All Night, from The Circus, 2008.

8.Said it All, from The Circus, 2008.(Definitely Mark Owen’s best work in Take That, walo dia cuma dapet sedikit part. But his is the most memorable…)

7. Greatest Day, from The Circus, 2008.

6. How Deep is Your Love, From Greatest Hits, 1996.(Jujur, back in 1996, gw kira lagu How Deep is Your Love itu lagunya Take That. Best Cover of Bee Gees’s song. Love that final bridge part)

5. Rule The World, From Beautiful World, 2006.(Lots of critiques thinks that this is Take That Best song of modern era. Beautiful indeed)

4. The Flood, from Progressed, 2010.(A very strong pop anthem yang anehnya gak terlalu meledak di ASIA. Coba dikeluarin di taon 90an, pasti jadi legendary banget ni lagu)

3. Like I Never Loved You at All, from Beautiful World, 2006.(The only song in this top 10 that wasn’t a released single. Hidden Gem yang only gets better the more you listening in. One of Gary’s Best yang mungkin lebih cocok jadi single di solo album dia)

2. Patience, from Beautiful World, 2006.(Take That comeback song back in 2006. VERY VERY CATCHY. This is my favorite Take That’s song to sing in a Karaoke session)

1. Back For Good, from Nobody Else, 1995.(Still the magnum Opus. Back for Good is everything what I wanted in a Pop Ballad song. Infectious, catchy, stands the test of time, and best of all, POP)


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