Gue dan Kritikuspurapura’s Music Chart Part VI, 3 December 2014

Setelah 3 bulan gw hiatus(bahasa kerennya males) bikin music chart, I‘M BACK BITCHES!


15. Cold Play – Strawberry Swing, from Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends, 2008.

14. Kaleida – Think, from OST John Wick, 2014.(Very funny and weirdly badass song with a very funny MV too)


13. Simply Red – Someday in My Life, from Blue, 1998.

12. David Bowie – Starman, from Ziggy Stardust and Spider from Mars, 1971.

11. Take That – Get Ready for It, from III, 2014.

10. The Roots Feat Cody Chesnut – The Seed, from Phrenology, 2002.

09. Suede – Wild Ones, from Dog Man Star, 1994.

08. David Bowie – Let’s Dance, from Last Dance, 1983.(Coba gw punya se10 persen aja deh fragmen kejeniusannya si Bowie)

07. Simply Red – High Five. from Blue 1998.

06. Yumi Zouma- Saika Gets Her Hopes Up, from EP, 2014.

05. Jaya Suprana – Setangkai Mawar, from Solo Recital, ????.

04. Jessie Ware – Say You Love Me, from Tough Love, 2014.(Lagu Jessie paling ngepop dan menjual. Still as good as the first time I’ve listened to It)

3. Take That – These Days, from III, 2014.

02. Jaya Suprana – Yen Ing Tawang Ono Lintang, from Solo Recital, ????.(Shit, JAVANESE songs itu indah2 banget walo gw butuh sentuhan Jaya dulu buat tahu lagu2 nan mystical tapi menenangkan…)

01. Take That – Amazing, from III, 2014. (Definitely one of the best Take That Song of all time yang anehnya cuma jadi bonus track doang di deluxe edition album baru mereka. Kenapa mereka gak coba bikin satu album dengan lagu setipe AMAZING ini ya buat nunjukin kedewasaan mereka??)









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