Gue dan Kritikuspurapura’s Music Chart Part III, 30 July 2014

XV.Elton John – Little Jeannie, from 21 at 33, 1980.

XIV. Oasis – All Around the World, from Be Here Now, 1997.

XIII. Kiesza – Hideaway, Single, 2014(Chorus yang simple, but infectious).

XII. U2 – Where the Streets have no name, from Joshua Tree, 1992.

XI. Nujabes – A Day by Atmosphere, from Metaphorical Music, 2003.

X. Guys Next Door – I’ve been waiting for You, from Guys Next Door, 1990.(90’s Pop never die!!)

IX. Earth Wind and Fire – That’s The Way of the World, from That’s the Way of The World, 1975.

VIII. Jamiroquai – Blue Skies, from Rock Dust Light Stars, 2010(Belom bosen2, dan walopun bakal keluar dari chart ini, ujung2nya pasti masuk lagi).

VII. Robbie Williams – Heart and I, from In and Out of Conciousness, 2010.

VI. Phil Collins – Everyday, from Both Sides, 1994.

V. Sting – Englishman in New York, from Nothing Like Sun, 1987(Lagu Sting paling “complete” sepanjang sejarah solo Karir dia).

IV. Timmy Thomas – Dying Inside to Hold You, from With Heart and Soul, 1993.(Again, 90’s Pop Never die!!!)

III. Nujabes – Still Talking To You, From Hydeout Productions 1st Collection, 2003.

II. Jason Mraz – Hello, You Beautiful Thing, from Yes!, 2014(Sebenernya ni lagu rada-rada flat sih, tapi ke save ama suara melodi piano misterius yang lumayan peaceful sepanjang lagunya).

I. Coldplay – Trouble, from Parachutes, 2000(Lagu Coldplay paling keren after Shiver…).

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