Gue dan Logan

Salah satu syarat buat jadi film yang keren atau diatas rata2 buat gua tuh, tu film harus stay in my brain(or hearts) even after couple of days I’ve finished watching it. And buat sebuah film XMEN, from FOX, yang bercerita tentang salah satu mutant yang paling gw gak suka, bisa lingerin inside my soul itu lumayan bikin gue kaget(and almost making me cry in the theater). Yep, LOGAN is a GODDAMN GOOD SUPERHERO MOVIE. A-tier easily. One of the best, probably the best after The Dark Knight.

The story is simple, almost all of mainstream/known mutant is dead in the future. Only beberapa yang tersisa. Wolverine yang udah kayanya males banget juga idup, caliban yang just being there because Logan ask for him, and Charles Xavier yang jadi jauh lebih menarik, fun, and one hell of a wise-cracking karakter. There’s no new mutant born in the last 2 decades kata mereka. Until someone come along. A little girl, with a codename X23, tiba2 dateng with his nanny and minta bantuan Logan to take her to Sanctuary far north. And the road trip movie is begin.

Now, I don’t want anybody to get the idea that this is a perfect movie, or a masterpiece of any kind. I don’t want to frickin oversell it. Raw dan brutal itu dua kalimat yang pas banget buat ngegambarin ni film. The movie was dry, bare, GORE, depressing, dark and grim. Yet it was also honest, charming, and oh so wondrous. Gak nyangka banget kalo film like this have worked had we not enjoyed, endured, and suffered through the myriad of X-men films put out by Fox with Wolverine in them. Like there were actual stakes, real attention to human character moments, and dramatic weight. It felt, and looked, like a real movie, and not a Movie buat ngembangin franchise, ngebentuk brand/universe or jual maenan. To me it seems more like a drop of water in the desert that is the current superhero landscape.  Another cool things is THE MOVIE doesn’t need to explain in great detail the entire history leading up to the current, it’s ok to let the audience extrapolate, theorize and fill in the details themselves. And that’s one of the key ingredients to great fiction movie. Kinda Like the Road. Kita jadi penasaran kan about what the hell happened with the earth at that Cormack McCarthy’s Masterpiece. walo akhirnya kayanya film2 Xmen after this berarti jadi kaya lose the whole point kan setelah ngeliat ending film ini. Its like, Charles, lu da coba sekuat tenaga buat saving mutant right? But the result is like, meh.

Acting 3 aktor utama film ini juga godlike, especially Jackman. Yang aktingnya agak2 ngingetin gw ke performancenya di film prisoners yang angry and very very fragile. Kaya suatu saat bakal jatoh dan pecah berkeping2. “It wasn’t me Charles it wasn’t me…”, he said in the scene where Xavier died. Man that fucking hurt to watch. I honestly didn’t expect this movie to pull on my emotions this hard. It felt like came out of a funeral last night. I’m glad Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine went out on such a great film. Patrick Steward? Damn, I don’t give a shit about him in any of all those XMEN Movie, but Logan makes me learn about the personality of Xavier just from couple of scenes with him. That will tell you something kan? Dan jangan lupain juga ama silence performancenya X23. Not what I had in mind dengan penampilan X23 in a silver screen sih, but this girl killing it!  The Chemistry between the three is awesome. Gue berharap ada sebuah movie fun road trip yang isinya mereka bertiga travelling across the US.

Oh and  R-rated really2 helped this movie.  Denger Charles and logan trading swears and bitchin around is fun as hell. And the amazing2 gore. Damn, after 17 years they finally got blood in a movie starring a dude whose main power is to stab people with metal fuckin bones. This is what a wolverine movie should look like. Blood, flesh, body parts all over the place. I Loved it! Kinda make me wish Marvel make The Punisher in this kind of tone and big screen…  Oh, and shame buat parent2 yang bawa anak kecilnya buat nonton ni film(including my own cousin). Although buat kids yang nonton, Congrats, you just grasping yourself in a seat of adultness where it is full of sadness, grim reality, dying and generally dusty not fun.

Logan isn’t about franchise building. I’ll save you the seat time if you want to leave at the end: there is no sneak preview for the next film in the franchise. You could even watch it without having ever watched any of the previous films and not feel like you missed anything. Logan is a great film in every sense, the one of the few yang transcended from a comic book superhero movies to A MOVIE. Where fun isn’t the only word that you need to enjoying a movie. kalo lu tipe2 kaya gua yang cuma datengin bioskop probably less than 12 times a year, go ahead and get your asses and watch this movie. Logan’s worth it..


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