Gue dan kritikuspurapura Top 20 The Beatles Songs…

Banyak yang bilang The Beatles is the greatest band in the world. Is it true? Well, tergantung lu liat dari sisi mana. Kalo elu liat dari sisi gimana influence mereka dan nganggep mereka sebagai embodi idealis yang diciptain di era dimana revolusi social cultural begitu hebat, ya gw agree. They are the greatest and most influential act of the rock era. But buat gw pribadi, gw selalu milih Stones ketimbang Beatles. Jagger over Lennon. Tapi gw gak pernah nganggap remeh music Beatles, their music are so goddamn good and aging very well. Hell, making top 20’s of their song is hard. One of the hardest thing I’ve ever compiled in a list actually…

20. Octopus’s Garden, from Abbey Road, 1969. (Quirky banget! Typical kerjaannya Ringo and Harrison)

19. I Will, from The White Album, 1968.(Sweet kaya susu…)

18. Lucy in The Sky with Diamonds, from Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, 1967.(Matiin lampu, nyalain lilin, dengerin lagu ini sambil jilatin lolipop di depan AC deh..)

17. The Fool on The Hill, from Magical Mystery Tour, 1967. (One of the darkest Beatles’s song. Sergio Mendes and brasil 66 ngecover lagu ini jadi even darker, and brilliant, than before)

16. I’m Looking Through You, from Rubber Soul, 1965.(Salah satu dari sedikit lagu popnya Beatles yang masuk di otak gw dan gak keluar2)

15. Revolution, from The White Album, 1968.(Awesome electric intro!)

14. I’m so Tired, from the White Album, 1968.(That angry part when Lennon sang “I Wonder should I call you, but i know what you would do” is powerful!)

13. Get Back, from Let it Be, 1970.(Why? That sweet sweet guitar+piano solo!)

12. Come Together, from Abbey Road, 1969.(A Joker indeed)

11. Here Comes the Sun, from Abbey Road, 1969.(Pengen tiduran di rumput sambil nikmatin matahari deh pas dengerin ni lagu. Gary Barlow covering this song in 2013, nambahin rasa british in his cover)

10. Hey Jude, from Single, 1968.(Dulu gw sempet ngeremehin lagu ini because of the easy listening nature of this song, tapi sekarang? Gw makin ngerti kenapa ada that seemingly unnecessary long part of la la la la at the last 2 minutes of the song)

9. Do You Want to Know A Secret, from Please Please Me, 1963.(Rock Band Beatles introduced me to the only pre-65 Beatles track in this list)

8. A Day in the Life, from Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, 1967.(Another brilliant druggy song like Lucy, but more personal and sentimental)

7. With a Little Help from My Friend, from Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, 1967.(The kind of song that supposedly about lifting you up, but actually it is not. Ringo’s vocal is at its best in this song)

6. Yellow Submarine, from Revolver, 1966.(Salah satu dari 10 lagu yang bakalan jadi lagu2 pertamanya anak gue supaya imajinasinya setinggi bapaknya)

5. Let it Be, from Let it Be, 1970.(Klise itu eksis karena klise. Well, Let it Be deserve the title as the most famous Beatles song. As good as a pop song can be. Timeless classic!)

4. In my Life, from Rubber Soul, 1965.(Every single time gw dengerin lagu ini, entah kenapa gw inget ama some sad memory yang gak pernah bisa gw lock dengan pastinya kapan dan apa iya bener kejadian…)

3. Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, from Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, 1967.(Short and Punchy! Love that French Horn!)

2. Blackbird, from The White Album, 1968.(I never really get the meaning of this song. I know its dark and supposedly about racism and stuff, but I just don’t get it. This song is beautiful, though.. Kaya painting yang nempel gelap di hati elu)

1. Something, from Abbey Road, 1969. (Walo jadi lagu mereka yang nomor dua paling banyak di cover ama other artist, gak ada other artist yang bisa ngebawain something se melodius, cryptic, sentimental non pretentious dan full of doubt like George Harrison’s Vocal. Numero uno, no contest…)






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