Gue dan 5 random restoran di Jakarta Pusat yang pengen gw sebut..

Yep, I officially out of idea buat nulis something di blog ini. So, lets go to the last resort and going in a Gordon Ramsay way. Kenapa di Jakarta Pusat? Because why the fuck not... YA UDAH BISTRO, Sabang/Menteng For such a corny and stupid name, gw ga nyangka bistro ini actually a very good... Continue Reading →


Gue dan 10 Sutradara Favorit Saya

Nulis deskripsi tentang kenapa gw nulis entry ini sounded very boring and pretentious, so without further ado, this is my 10 favorite movie director of all time. Oh, and I'm not a fan of Kurosawa and Kubrick, so enjoy the list but first, Honorable Mention goes to Nolan, ┬áKoreeda, Bier, De Palma, Apatow, Leone, Zemeckis... Continue Reading →

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