Gue dan Kritikuspurapura’s Music Charts Part II, 16 July 2014

Gak banyak perubahan minggu ini. Lumayan kering sih ama musik2 yang mampir di koleksi gw. So, gw cuma spinning around lots of older record, and here’s the hitlist for this week…

(Out from last week, Ariana Grande Feat Izzy Azalea – Problem, Garbage – Queer, Elton John – Monalisas and Mad Hatters, Jamiroquai – Corner of the Earth,  Mr Big – Aint Seen Love Like that, Aerosmith – Jeannie’s Got a Gun, Michael Jackson feat Justin Timberlake – Love never felt so good)

XV.  Eric Clapton – Let it Rain, from Eric Clapton, 1970.

XIV. Suede – Hit Me, from Bloodsport, 2013.

XIII. Aerosmith – What It Takes, from Pump, 1989.

XII. U2 – Desire, from Rattle and Hum, 1988.

XI. John Lennon, Jealous Guy, from Imagine, 1971.

X. David Bowie – Modern Love, from Let’s Dance, 1983.

IX. Michael Jackson – Never Can Say Goodbye, from Maybe Tomorrow, 1973.

VIII. Oasis – All Around the World, from Be Here Now, 1997.

VII. U2 – Where the Streets have no name, from Joshua Tree, 1992. 

VI. Oasis – Slide Away, from Definitely Maybe, 1993

V. Elton John – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, from Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, 1973.

IV. Nujabes – A Day by Atmosphere, from Metaphorical Music, 2003. (masih sama addictivenya, dari mid 2000 ampe sekarang)

III. The Beatles – With a Little Help from My Friend, from Sgt’s Pepper Lonely Heart Club Band, 1967.

II.Elton John – Little Jeannie, from 21 at 33, 1980.

I. Elton John – High Flying Bird, from Don’t Shoot Me I’m only the Piano Player, 1973. 


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