Gue dan 15 lagu terbaiknya Suede

Kalo gw describe 5 band2 terbaik britrock/britpop di era 90an in a very simple explanation, I will called Oasis as the Grandiosa/asshole kinda Jerk but in good way sound, Radiohead as the brilliant and hypnotizing, Blur as the Crazy wind that blows you away, Pulp as the Unexplained Bubblegum, and my favorite ones, SUEDE as the Cool Vibe with Velvet Sexiness. Why? Because Suede can make that raw, oldschool brit sound, jadi a very lustful melodic melancholic pop/rock. Gak percaya?


15. Metal Mickey

14. The Chemistry Between Us

13. Snowblind

12.  Lazy

This is exactly what my girfriend says about this song, “Lucu aja lagunya. Jujur aja, di awal lagu ini suara si Brett kya emak-emak babbling, tapi di situ uniknya. Babbling yang kya suruh lo duduk, relax aja and get lazy or just being lazy. Trus ada suara gitar yg nadanya kya ingetin suruh Get Lazy di setiap akhir Brett bilang Laaazzyyy… Lagu yang keluar di era2 avantgarde bubblegum pop-nya Suede ini rasanya kaya nyium udara bensin, beracun, tapi entah kenapa addictive. I mean, from technical standpoint, the song is no difference than lots of one hit wonder at that time, wrongfully good…

11. Beautiful Ones

Lagu Suede paling terkenal ini juga bisa dibilang paling mainstream. Siapa sih anak 90an yang gak kenal ni lagu? Its like Lagu Side A Suede yang paling catchy and melodic. Saking catchynya ni lagu, you can move your hips to nod a long with this song. From that opening riff, Tipikal signature La la la-nya Brett sampe sekarang sering gw pake buat nyanyi2 sendiri di kamar mandi sambil goyang ala Brett, sampe bridge, semuanya grade A rock and roll…

10. The Asphalt World

9. So Young

8. It Starts and Ends With You

Salah satu lagu Suede paling baru yang juga paling enak. Sialannya ni lagu, it will leaves you wanting a little bit more, in A GOOD WAY… Kayanya chorusnya yang pendek tapi incredibly infectious itu gak cukup banget buat didengerin cuma 3 kali sepanjang lagu. Fuck it. Or as my girlfriend said about this song, Suara vokalisnya emank udagasecemprengdulu, tapi lagu ini such an earworms. apalagi di bagian refrain yang terasabangetkayanyasi Brett bener-benergaberdayaamapasangannya.Terutama di final refrain pas Brett teriak “I crawl up but my knees are water.. I cling on by my nails to sweet disaster…” such a sweet song in a macho way.”

7.We are the Pigs

“We are the pigs. We are the swine. We are the stars of the firing line”, yep, salah satu lyric chorus yang a bit fuck up menurut gw. You can feel the dangerous side of Suede yang di influence ama Bowie, stones roses and ballad side of Iggy Pop in this track. This is one of the song yang anak2 jaman sekarang should listened buat ngebenerin their garbage rock taste..

6. She’s in Fashion

Shallow. Banget. The voice and sounds of this song really really invokes the titles. Fashion = Shallow. But Suede bisa ngemas the shallowness of this pop-rock with a little bit of their pee. Yep, Pee! This is how suede peeing all over the glamorously brit pop by showing the world they can make a pretty damn disgusting in a good way pop-rock song..


4. Hit Me

Bloodsport menurut gw itu salah satu album paling underrated di 2013. Its like, everyone missing it. Calling Bloodsport a comeback album is a misguided. Suede is always good or at least decent even in their worst album(A New Morning). Hit Me, is everything that a rock fans should listen, and everything that a suede fans really expected. The song is so good, it is bleeding good. Classic Suede. Don’t ever change guys. This is Brit Rock at its Best…

3. The Wild Ones

Ah, the magnum opus of Suede. The Bitter Sweet Symphony, The Smells Like Teen Spirits, The Enter the Sandman. Sebagai lagu favoritnya Suede sendiri(Brett Admits it), The Wild Ones emang yang paling penuh jiwa dan pendalaman. Everysingle time Brett sings with his majestic falsetto, “We’ll be the wild ones…”, they really take it to their heart that they’re are the wild ones that running with the dogs today. Jujur aja, gw stunned pertama kali dengerin lagu ini. Too beautiful, and too much pain to listened..

2. Saturday Night

Lagu ini bakalan ngehasilin 2 efek yang berbeda buat orang yang ngedengerinnya. Efek pertama udah pasti ngantuk. Dengan tempo yang slow gila, and hampir without catchy part, this song invokes the words boring buat orang2 awam. Efek kedua, it will makes you think about what this song is really all about. Its not a song about a happy cherish saturday night. In fact, its not about Saturday night at all. To tell you to the truth, this song is kinda Bland and Blind. But Blandly and Blindly good if you give it a chance to infect your mind and soul. Kinda what Radiohead’s Creep do to me in a dark time..

1. Animal Nitrate

Ah, cukup memalukan seorang gw bisa baru dengerin this song in, 2014. In fact, this is the song that makes me want to write this entry and bring me back from the hiatus. Lagu Suede paling sexy sekaligus paling gelap dan hopelessly forbidden. The title itself beneran ngegambarin semuanya tentang drugs, sex, violence, and even blind faith. Somebody in the internet even says, that in the time SUEDE releasing this single, THEY are THE BEST BAND IN THE WORLD. And quite frankly, I couldn’t agree more.

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