Gue dan kritikuspurapura Top 20 The Beatles Songs…

Banyak yang bilang The Beatles is the greatest band in the world. Is it true? Well, tergantung lu liat dari sisi mana. Kalo elu liat dari sisi gimana influence mereka dan nganggep mereka sebagai embodi idealis yang diciptain di era dimana revolusi social cultural begitu hebat, ya gw agree. They are the greatest and most influential act... Continue Reading →


Gue dan Kritikuspurapura’s Music Chart Part V, 24 Agustus 2014

It's Guardian of the Galaxy's Week! I can't believe how good it soundtrack was. Udah lama gak nemuin soundtrack film kaya gini. Kinda reminded me of High Fidelity or Almost Famous soundtrack. XV. Royksopp and Robyn - Do it Again, from Do it Again, 2014. XIV. Blur - Under the Westway, from Single, 2012. XIII. Arcade... Continue Reading →

Gue dan Guardians of the Galaxy

With Guardians of the Galaxy, here comes my new format for review. Sekarang review2 gw bakal dibikin versi point-point. + means the pros, - means the cons, -+ means ditengah2(obviously) + It is the second best MCU movie yet after winter soldier. + A better space war opera movie than all star wars+star trek combines!... Continue Reading →

Gue dan Resident Evil 6

Lets clear something first, for all the fuckers who claimed themselves a hardcore Resident Evil games yang bilang RE6 sucks, you can go fuck yourself! Resident Evil 6 is good! Everybody is entitled to have their own opinion? Well, yeah, they can take their opinion and shove it down their asses! Okay, RE6 campaign probably... Continue Reading →

Gue dan Spirited Away

This morning. I watched Spirited Away again. ini udah ke 20++ kalinya gw nonton ni film. So here's a quick though on one of the greatest movie in this galaxy... Sepanjang ingetan gw, I've never see a movie yang ngasih gw sense of freedom, tranquility, dan delightful kaya Spirited Away walo cerita ni film sebenernya... Continue Reading →

Gue dan Top 12 Jack Johnson’s Song

Liat foto diatas? Yep, that picture basically summarized ampir semua lagu Jack Johnson. Dari arti, melody, soul, sampe rasa dan harumnya. Gak ada musisi mainstream di dunia ini yang begitu synchronize and harmonis banget sama pantai, ombak, pohon mangga, surfing, hidup, dan freedom of soul selain Jack Johnson. He is basically my go to music... Continue Reading →

Gue dan 10 film Samurai favorit gue

Kalo banyak hipster2 ato orang pretentious bullcrap penggemar art movie yang nganggep film2 french or lynch sebagai patokan mereka as arthouse movie yang awesome, gw pribadi selalu ngejadin chanbara as my guide. Samurai Period movie buat gw selalu punya special place deep in my heart. Film2 kaya gini susah-susah gampang buat getting immersed with, especially buat... Continue Reading →

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