Gue dan Guardians of the Galaxy

With Guardians of the Galaxy, here comes my new format for review. Sekarang review2 gw bakal dibikin versi point-point. + means the pros, – means the cons, -+ means ditengah2(obviously)


+ It is the second best MCU movie yet after winter soldier.

+ A better space war opera movie than all star wars+star trek combines!

+ The funniest movie and lighthearted MCU Movie yet.

+ The chemistry between the guardians. Nyiptain chemistry antara 3 real character and 2 CG character gak gampang. Kudos to James Gunn!

+Awesome awesome TITLE SCREEN!

+ The Cosmic side of this MCU. Fucking THANOS, celestial, NOVA Corps(Where in the blue hell is Richard Ryder anyway?), Kree, Xandar, every little details about Marvel Universe in this movie. Sayang MARVEL gak punya right using SKRULL…

+The Production design. Vivid and top notch. gak nyangka cosmic side of Marvel Comics bisa dibikin real. That design on Ronan’s spaceship is badass as hell!

+ AWESOME SOUNDTRACK! Bowie, Blue Swede, Greenbaum, Gaye!

+ Chris Pratt! His looks bener2 nailing star-lord banget while infusing a little bit stupidity of Andy Dwyer! The next big thing is arrived!

+ Benicio Del Toro and Batista. Scene stealer!

+Groot and Racoon is awesome. Bayangin mereka berdua ada di samping Tony Stark bantering jokes suatu saat nanti tuh bener2 bikin nerd side inside of me orgasm!

+- Not as weird as I thought it would be(Slither). But probably its a good thing not to ventured a bit far off the line on your new IP.

– Zoe Saldana. Gak tau kenapa, kayanya bosen banget liat dia jadi Gamorra disini. Efek Avatar? Ada casting yang lebih bagus lah mestinya. Emily Blunt?

– A bit incoherent. Gw masih belom sold about gimana the guardians bisa bareng2 dan mutusin jadi A TEAM. Terlalu terburu2 dan enteng.

– Overstuffed. Kebanyakan things and sometimes terlalu cepet. Buat gw and lots other comic geeks sih gpp. But buat orang2 yang gak familiar with the world, emang a bit confusing…

– Hey Peter Quill’s Mom. I think your mixtape is too “Free” for a kid…

– I don’t like adegan2 dimana begitu gampangnya gamora and star lord keluar ke outer space without any protection. Kesannya kaya ngegampangin dan seriously, gak realistis. I know i know, this is a movie about alien and star wars, but come on, at least make this tiny thing correct Gunn!


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