Gue dan John Wick


I’m an asshole..

Yep, there goes elephant in a room. Gw itu tipe2 penonton(or kritikus) yang bener2 udah kebal banget ama Hollywood. Uda jarang banget hollywood made movie bisa bikin gw bener2 saying, “WOW, I totally enjoyin this shit”. Yep, not even that fun loving Guardians of the Galaxy can do it. But Hollywood put my faith back on track again with John Wick. This is the type of movie yang bener2 lu tonton buat enjoy, BUT(here comes the big BUTT) sama sekali gak kehilangan all the little detail dan konsisten dengan segala tektek bengek di dalamnya while still logically and fantastically out of logic without fooling the hell out the audience. It is a hard feat to achieve in this day of age…

+ The Hype from the trailer is easily matched in the first 30 minutes…

+ Fuckin Keanu Reeves. I don’t hate Keanu. While I don’t like him either. He is the weak link in Devil’s Advocate or Bram Stoker’s Dracula, dua2nya film yang masuk dalam kategori good movie buat gue. I hate him in speed, Matrix, or that goddamn awful 47 Ronin. I kinda like him in Idaho, Bill and Ted or Constantine. But John Wick, is the character that REEVES was born to be. For the first time in my life, Keanu REEVES is a certified badass! His movement, his eyes, his gun, his car, his clothes, his commitment, everything about Wick is awesome! I dig the character and his reasoning to unleashed hell.. Now Marvel, give him DR STRANGE to mess with…

+ The Universe. Dark, Noir and Fun. Yep, I’m not gonna lie to you, those are three words that wasn’t supposed to be in one sentence. The background Universe of Wick’s world is incredibly detailed, very videogame-y and the best of all, badass! All the assassin have some code and professional conduct to do here. Words and promise is important! The concept about continental hotel(yang kayaknya agak2 ripoff ama konsep hotelnya film chow yun fat), and the dirty laundry is neat too..

+ Kebanyakan film action bikin some kind of establishment that the antagonist is the ultimate force dan jagoannya kayanya bakalan kesulitan ngelawan tsunami of douchebags, but nope. Dari pertama kali film ini mulai, all the antagonist established they’re the ones that are screwed and shit is coming..

+ Script. Yes, jangan kasih keanu kebanyakan bacot dan dialog. Sepenting2nya aja. Penuh ama dialog2 kecil yang funny dan pas banget ngegambarin John Wick universe. Gak sedetail Tarantino, but gak sepretentious Tarantino juga.

+ Fuckin soundtrack. Its drive soundtrack with more subwoofer induced..

+ The crafty. There’s nothing original about John Wick. Semuanya udah ketebak dan alurnya pasti terarah. Mirip ama The Conjuring. Yang paling penting adalah Eksekusinya. Gak perduli seboring apapun ato seklise apapun sebuah film, kalo eksekusinya bagus, the result’s gonna be GOOD. Gw berharap ada Nick Fury nungguin Wick after the credit to invite him to avenger or whatever the hell it is…

+ The Ammo and the loud silencer. Bener2 realistik…

+ the fucker who played the big boss, VIGGO. Penuh improv kayanya. Like when he mimicking the pencil stab or that fake-out pas di final duel. Bener2 gak ada boring2nya.

+ The Action. Gak segritty dan se wah The Raid. Gak ada tuh adegan2 pesawat nabrak gedung atopun traktor giles kebo. Semuanya grounded, believable and stylish! Ini sutradara tau banget gimana cara ngambil frame yang mantep banget buat action scene..Sedikit ngingetin gue ke equilibrum. Wick sendiri gak terlalu dibikin se invisible character2nya Liam Neeson, and that’s why I like it. He can still lose or make mistake. Oh, and that grappling war between Wick and one of the best henchman, fucking good…

– Gak ada. Gw gak bisa nemuin negatifnya. Probably later down the road disaat gw tonton ulang. But for now, I’m going to give this flick 9/10. One of the highest rating I’ve ever give to Action Movie(the highest for Keanu Reeves’s movie sih). One of the best action movie in the last decade. And one of the best action movie of all time…

One thought on “Gue dan John Wick

  1. setuju. agree pake banget !!
    emg dari smua film keanu reeves, di John Wick gw bner” suka liat dy.. TOP lah, critany simple gak aneh”, n gw suka scene pas si Viggo tiba” diem, shock dan cuma bilang “Ou” pas dikasih tau lwat telpon klo anaknya abis maling mobil n ngekill anjingnya wick :v :v

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