Gue dan Avengers : Age of Ultron

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Age? More like weeks of Ultron…

After tiga kali beruntun bikin hot streak(Winter Soldier, Guardians, and Daredevil), gw put a lot of hype for the Avengers Sequel on myself. Apalagi knowing that Whedon put Godfather Part II and Empire Strikes Back as influence for Age of Ultron, and watching that pinochio infused Trailer, I said to myself, this movie is gonna be one hell of a ride..

Well, I was wrong…


+ Production design dulu ya. Naek level sih dari kelas FTV di avengers pertama. The shot and set lebih keliatan dinamis dan high class. But what the fuck is up with the colour pallete sih? Darky, muddy, medieval, dyinglight and gritty wannabe gitu. I don’t like it and its a bit of a distraction for me.

+ James Spader and Ultron. He nailed it. Robert California nailed it. He stole every scene he’s in it..

+ The action. Naek level lagi. Keiatan kerjasama antar tim yang udah lebih rapih tapi makin keliatan ga realistiknya sih. Well, I get it. If winter soldier is realistis, avengers emang lebih fun and over the top. Setuju.

+ The Banter, Inside Jokes, Whedonism, and all those comic book geekly detail. Buat Marvel fans, ini film kaya treasure chest berjalan deh. Those Infinity War dreams is so good!

+ Evans, Hemsworth and Renner. Captain America karakterisasi makin realistik but still old school. Thor showing more and more personality. And Barton, well, dapet apa yang mestinya dia dapet di AVENGERS pertama. I like his family..

– Good Fight Montage and battle scene..

+ Anthony Mackie and Don Cheadle. Mereka berdua kayanya having fun banget with their minimal screen time..

Now onto the negative side..

– Downey Jr, Scarlet and Ruffalo. Sumpah, boring banget performance mereka. 4 kali nonton sarcastic witty tony stark mungkin udah cukup buat gw. Kebanyakan Joke. Gak ada satu kalipun gw ketawa ama Joke2nya stark disini. Scarlet ama Rufallo zero chemistry…

– Too Many Jokes..

– The Villain story. Ini nih kekurangan MCU. Semua film2 mereka punya Villain yang dibikin lembek dan kurang berkesan, kecuali LOKI. Dan they manage to ruin Ultron in here, walo gak separah Mandarin sih. Ultronnya dibikin suka ngejoke and lemah banget. I know I know, this ultron is different than the comic counterparts dan lebih mirip brainchildnya Tony Stark, i get that. But I still don’t like it. And the power level? Captain America bisa stand one and one fight ngelawan Ultron? MY GOD. Dan setelah itu si Ultron bisa nyekek Thor tanpa thor bisa ngapa2in? talk about inconsistency… Dan Ultronnya tuh kaya gak ada perlawanan banget di final scenenya. Kaya gak ada threatnya sama sekali.Ultron ngeluarin semua dronenya cuma buat jadi Cannon Fodder. Avengers cuma butuh 2 menit buat ngehajar semuanya. Abis itu Ultronnya kabur lagi naek quinjet terus nembak2in Avengers di bawah. WTF Marvel???Lagi2 Marvel bikin kesalahan besar dengan killing Ultron just like they did with Malekith, Ronan, Obadiah, and whiplash. Bayangin kalo all the supervillain gabung with thanos in Infinity War… in this terms.

– As good as the production design gets, gak ada satupun powerful scene di film ini yang bikin gw ngerasa EPIC.

– Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver backstory. Even Ultron purapura tertarik ngedengerin that boring monolog about stark, bomb and whatever the fuck is all about..

– Mid Credit Scene. That’s it?????? WE ALREADY KNOW ABOUT IT!

– Too many Jokes, again…

– Continuity and logic. Bukannya in the end of Iron Man 3 si Stark uda ga mau pake armor lagi ya? Banner and Natasha running together? Banner, you have BETTY waiting for you! This is why their romance itu kaya just some plot yang muncul cuma buat nambah2in sideplot aja. Banner said, ini pertama kalinya Hulk muncul di muka umum buat raging. There’s goes Incredible Hulk to the garbage. Tony Stark keluar dari armornya di markas Baron. WTF is that?? Terus si Thor pake ngumpet2 ketemu selvig. WHY?????????? Bukannya Loki Scepter itu powered by Tesseract ya di Avengers pertama. Ada dialognya. Masa si Thanos lagi nyari Infinity Stone, dia ngasih ke si Loki Infinity Stone sih. LOGICnya itu kemanaaaaa. Come on, gw tau ini comic book movie. But at least get the simple logic right. Winter Soldier can did that. Daredevil excel in that, even that SPACE GODDAMN OPERA Guardians of the Galaxy kinda did that too!

– BAD CGI spotted.. 250 Juta dollar and that’s the best you can do??

– Vision lifting Thor’s Hammer. What the fuck.. Apa yang bikin dia lebih worthy daripada Captain America????? Just because he got mind gem in his forehead. Going with this logic, berarti kita bakal bisa ngeliat Thanos Wielding that Hammer too and Vision died in the hand of Thanos..

– Too Many Jokes….

Age of Ultron is not bad movie, it is a good movie. Its just after Winter Soldier, Guardians, and Daredevil(NO, i don’t watched that stupid Agent of Shield, or Carter), I expected something more extravaganza and memorable. Instead what a found is a transitional little movie that only served just to become a bridge for another huge thing to come. I don’t watch Aliens so that i can guessing what will happens in Aliens 3. Gw gak maenin Resident Evil 6 cuma gara2 gue mau tau apa yang bakalan terjadi di Resident Evil 7. Gw  nonton Winter Soldier bukan cuma gara2 gw mau tau apa yang bakalan terjadi di Avengers 2. I want to watch a movie that VERY STANDALONE first, and becoming a bridge as their second agenda. Bukannya itu yang Whedon mau di awal2 dia sign up with Marvel to Direct Avengers??


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